Why BecomeLess?

BecomeLess.net was created with the following verse in mind:

He must become greater; I must become less – John 3:30

In a world where many are encouraged to become more (more beautiful, more wealthy, more famous), Christ encourages us to do the exact opposite. Rather, He must become greater and we become less. BecomeLess.net was created to encourage people in their walk with the Lord and their pursuit to make Christ greater and themselves less.

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  1. When I first met Alisha Blue she was starting graduate school and I was starting over. Being in a state of constant change is the highest calling for a believer; and just as Alisha says in her post, the freedom in Christ brings gratifying experiences that you and the Lord share when you are in Him and He is in you. 2 deaths in my hometown have really caused me to think about lining my life up with Christ’s will and authentically living out the gospel. This blog is all about authentically living out the gospel. If you’re single the portions about marriage are a highlight in the bible and the rest can be really heavy since it’s about regulating your life. Alisha comes to the reader with the freedom of holiness and the courage of living at the top of the Christian life uncompromised. God bless you Ms. Blue. This is worthwhile for me as I live at home while I go to school and think about the kind of things in life worth pursuing with the Lord Jesus.

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