Single on Valentine’s Day: 3 Things To Do Instead of Feeling Sorry for Yourself

Single on Valentine’s Day?

Oh, Valentine’s Day! A day that can be a single’s least favorite day of the year. As you watch all your married and in relationship friends post pictures of their fancy dinners, bouquet of roses, and boxes of chocolates, it can be hard not to feel sorry for yourself – to not wonder why you’re still single and spending yet another Valentine’s Day alone!

I’ve been there before! I was in a 5 1/2 year relationship with my high school sweetheart and that first Valentine’s Day as a single was dreadful! I spent that Valentine’s Day crying and listening to sad 90’s R&B music wishing I had someone to share Valentine’s Day with. I laugh about it now, but back then, it felt terrible and my heart was broken.

I vowed never to spend another Valentine’s Day like that! I’ve kept that vow. And have had 4 tear-free, sad R&B music-free Valentine’s Days since then. (Praise God!)

3 Things to Do on Valentine’s Day (Instead of Feeling Sorry for Yourself)

So don’t spend Valentine’s Day feeling sorry for yourself. There are much better uses of your time. Try one of the following instead:


Host a singles only game night, movie night, or fancy dinner. Invite all your single friends and tell them to invite all of their single friends.

One year, my friends are I were able to gather about 20 of our friends for a nice dinner. We ate together, laughed together, and just enjoyed being together. But the best part was at the end of the night, when each single drew 2 Starbursts from a bowl. Each Starburst color represented different questions. Questions like: what are you most grateful for, name 1 thing God is doing in your life, and what have you enjoyed most about your singleness. It was a fun way for people to share their real views on life and singleness.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about a significant other, it can be about a community of believers who share in the same joys and struggles of singleness as you.


Your heart may find the greatest joy in serving others on Valentine’s Day. There are many people who are forgotten on this day – the recent widow who is spending her first Valentine’s Day alone, the homeless man who could use a meal and a Valentine’s card to let him know he is loved, or the foster kid who won’t receive a Valentine’s bear or candy hearts from a parent. They need love, too!

Rather than being consumed with yourself, love on others. Be the hands and feet that Christ has called you to be.


Last, but not least, worship. Valentine’s Day does not have to be about spending time with the one, but rather spending time with the Only One who can truly satisfy – Jesus Christ. Spend time alone, praying, reading Your Word, or writing a love letter to your perfect love. Marvel at the One and only Son, Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for your sins.

No greater love will you ever know than the love of Christ!

So don’t spend another Valentine’s Day feeling sorry for yourself! Fellowship. Serve. Worship.

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