Is God Changing Your Plans?

“Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it’s the Lord’s purpose that prevails.” – Proverbs 19:21 (NIV)

If you would have asked me in college what my plans were, I would have said something like this: I was going to graduate with a business degree, obtain a prestigious corporate job, meet a nice guy, get married, buy a house, have kids, and somewhere in the middle of all of this climb the corporate ladder to a 6-figure salary. I had big plans for my life! And in every way, I was headed in that direction. After college, I obtained a job with a prestigious accounting firm that would eventually set me up to live out my plan.

I worked tirelessly pursuing what I thought was God’s plan for my life. And I loved it – I loved the people, I loved feeling important, I loved the perks of working in corporate (the travel and the nice salary) – I loved it! Until about year 2, when the Lord began really pulling at my heart. Helping me to realize that maybe my plans were not in fact the plans He had for me.

Sometimes, we hold on to our plans for so long that we don’t even realize they are just that – OUR plans, not His plans. And it will wreck our whole world to know that the plans we’ve been holding on to are not what God has for us. And to follow Him, we have to let them go.

Is God Changing Your Plans?

So how do you know when God is changing your plans to His plans? You will probably experience one, if not all, of these 4 things:


The things that you used to love and find comfort in are suddenly uncomfortable.

For me, I started out loving my job and all the perks it had to offer. But then the long hours began wearing on me. I wondered if the long nights were worth the time I spent away from family and friends. If making a 6-figure salary one day was worth losing my soul. I found myself spending less and less time in church and reading my Word. The things that brought me comfort (job security and a nice salary) now brought me discomfort (sleepless nights and a lackluster relationship with the Lord). If a job, relationship, or whatever else starts to bring you discomfort, it may be the Lord wanting to remove it from your life!

Not being able to see ahead.

We are visionaries – always looking forward to what’s ahead.

At one time I was able to see myself as a corporate executive, and then I couldn’t even see myself being there for another month. If you used to see yourself getting a promotion and being ecstatic and now you can’t, something is wrong! If you were able to see ahead and hope for the things to come, but now all you see are bleak and dreary days – maybe it’s because there’s no future there. And God is trying to get you to see that!

God opens a door only He can open.

When I began to feel that discomfort, I wanted so badly to find another corporate job. I went on interviews, networked with professionals, and sent out countless résumés – to no avail! I didn’t receive another job until I stopped looking. I had briefly mentioned to a friend that at one time I wanted to be a high school math teacher, but instead I chased a business career. A few weeks later, my friend who worked at a high school was sitting in a meeting where they were discussing needing to find a substitute math teacher. Within two weeks, I left my corporate job and became that high school math teacher!

God opened a door only He could! I wasn’t trying to push open the door – I wasn’t even looking for it. But He opened it anyway.

His plan requires you to lean on Him.

Walking through the door He opened required me to lean on Him. I left that job and that salary that made me comfortable for a 50% pay cut to become a substitute teacher. I had to lean on the Lord to provide all my needs, not only financially, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as I stepped into the world of teaching, which was foreign to me. I had no teaching experience. And if you know anything about being a first-time teacher – the word “difficult” is an understatement. But the Lord saw me through that substitute position and into a new career in teaching. He opened the door only He could open and once I walked through, I could only lean on Him.

If you find yourself uncomfortable when you used to be comfortable, unable to see ahead, or presented with a door that only He could open and it’s going to require you to lean on Him… God very well may be changing your plans!

If God has ever changed your plans, comment below!

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  1. WOW! This was an awesome read! God changed my plans as well! I went to school to be a licensed counselor but God took me thru substitute teaching, marriage, kids and teaching while attending graduate school. Then only to open the door to school counseling. Very related fields but different concentrations. I give God the glory!!

    1. Wow! Girl, He really did change those plans. That’s really cool how the Lord took you into school counseling. We could always use more believers working in the schools, especially dealing with the kids one on one as a counselor!

  2. I love this post! I went through the same thing in college and then again about 7 years ago. It’s hard to let go but we do have to trust God and His plan for us. Thanks for sharing!

  3. While I agree with everything you have said here I also know from my own experience that sometimes it works the other way. We have plans that we can look forward and we can be sure that they are part of God’s long-term plan for us but sometimes to strengthen our faith we have to go through all the things you describe and still know in our heads that we are where God wants us. To try and explain better, I have a vision of a long-term plan to travel, speak and sell my books, however, God is saying not yet. He has me on the edge of a wilderness which I really don’t want to go through, as I have been there once before. When I told God that I really didn’t want to do this again, His reply was: “You have to go through this to get to where I want you.” I know that when I reach the other side the prize will be much greater than I can imagine but in the meantime, I am feeling all the things that you are saying relate to not being where I should be.

    1. I agree! At that time in my life I was coming to grips with letting go of MY plans and accepting the plans God had for me. Now, I feel just as you do. As if God has something so much greater – big plans for the future – but before I get there I have to go through some things! God can sometimes tell us “not yet!” And exactly like you said, “you have to go through this to get where I want you” even though we may not want to go through it.

      Blessings in whatever big plans that God may have for you! Keep pushing and pursuing His plans and eventually you will get there!

      Thank you for reading! <3

  4. Great insights on sensing when God is moving us in a different direction. I wrote on a similar topic of letting go this last week too. Blessings as you continue to seek Him in all you do!

  5. It is so nice to read how you let God lead you in your life. So often we fall victim and conform to the patterns of this world…a vicious cycle of fame and money. But true peace comes when we follow the path that God wants us to take. I’m so glad that you are trusting Him.

  6. I thoroughly enjoy how you let God lead you in your life. I find in today’s world we often fall victim to conforming to the patterns of this world. We seek fame and fortune over God ‘s calling and when we do so we find that we are not satisfy and unhappy. A there is so much truth when Jesus tells us “Peace I leave with you; my peacemaking I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives…”

    1. So true, Lillian! It’s so easy to fall into the trap of chasing the things of the world. Just glad that God helped me realized I was chasing all the wrong things and invited me to be apart of HIS plans!

      Thank you reading! ❤

  7. Sometimes, we hold on to our plans for so long that we don’t even realize they are just that – OUR plans, not His plans! And it will wreck our whole world to know that the plans we’ve been holding on to are not what God has for us. And to follow Him, we have to let them go!

    This came as a confirmation to me.. Thanks for the post!

  8. Great post! I’ve been through this process a few times. Actually, I am in the transition period now. Not always fun but I know without a doubt His leading is best. He opens doors that no man can shut AND He shuts doors no man can open. Blessings!!

    1. The transition period can be tough one, but a great place for the Lord to really move in your life! In that time, you can’t do anything, but trust Him.

      Keep moving towards the things He has for you! And best of luck where He is leading you!

  9. Revelation is definitely revealed in your faithfulness. I am blessed to know you stood your ground when the Lord showed you the correct way. Praise God for His provision and for His leading. When He leads and we follow, we are always pleasing Him.

  10. Alisha! So sorry i am just now commenting! For some reason I never got an email notification saying you (or others) linked your post to May’s link up! I am so sorry!!! I need to figure out why this happened.

    I love this reminder. I find it really challenging at times to remember that the Lords plans are best for me. I usually have my heart set on something (and sometimes it’s the wrong time) and end up disappointed, but I know the Lord is always faithful to provide exactly what He wants for me in His time. we are in the process of buying a house and none of our offers have been accepted. Bummed because we have loved each house but we trust that His plan for our house and our future neighbors is best ❤

    1. Waiting on God’s timing can be so challenging! We can want something so bad and His answer can be “just wait!” But you are exactly right, God is faithful – able to provide what you need when you need it!

      My prayers are with you and your family in your home buying search. I believe at the right time, God will provide exactly the house you and your family need! Best of luck in your home buying search – buying a home is an exciting thing!

  11. I think here if the quote…”Wanna make God laugh? Tell Him what you’ve got planned!” I constantly have to remind myself to listen to the inner voice and not my own voice shouting over it.

  12. Yesterday I asked a professor where the second entrance of a laboratory door was. We ended up talking for about 2 hours. He offered me a paid internship AND a research opportunity as a college sophomore (undergraduate)! Wow, how crazy God works. I wasn’t looking for the opportunity either. I’m a bit afraid to take the research position because I lack self-confidence and I don’t want to become overwhelmed, but I’ll heavily ponder it, pray, and trust God. All of the praise, glory, and honor goes to my Heavenly Father for providing the opportunity! I’m so excited. This happened out of the blue.

    1. Oh wow! Yes, definitely pray about it and seek His Word regarding the situation. You can check out one of my other blogs on How To Make Wise Decisions.
      It sounds like an awesome opportunity for a college student. And the fact that you weren’t even looking for it – could be God opening up a door for you. Think on it and seek Him to help you make a wise decision.

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