God’s Purpose Over Money: Why I Left Corporate America for Teaching

It’s funny how we pray and God answers our prayers, but after awhile, we FORGET He answered them. If you’re like me, you’re so excited when He gives you the new job you’ve been praying continuously for. But after awhile, reality sets in and things are no longer new. A couple of years pass and you begin to forget why you are doing the job you are doing.

But then God steps in to remind you exactly why and how He called you to that job.

As of lately, I started to forget why I became a teacher. Between all the professional developments, team meetings, and lesson plans – I was forgetting the real reason I became a teacher!

But God in all His graciousness gave me an opportunity to interview with Corey Taylor of Changing the Dynamic about my career change from corporate to teaching. In the interview, I had to recall the events that led up to me becoming a teacher – how God orchestrated every detail!

I’m so excited to share this interview with you all. In the interview, we discuss how and why I became a teacher as well why I would choose God’s purpose over money any day!

Check out the interview at Changing the Dynamic!

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