A Prayer for the Single Woman Still Wounded by Love

As a woman who has experienced the heartache of a long-term, broken (even sometimes abusive) relationship and who then continued to engage in more fruitless, broken relationships, I understand that love can wound you. It can wound you so much that you continue into a cycle of hurt and pain with more men.

A cycle that Christ never intended for you to be in.

A Prayer For The Single Woman Still Wounded by Love

As a part of this prayer series, God has placed it on my heart to write a prayer for women who were just as I was – broken, beat down, and spiraling through a non-stop cycle of hurt and pain. Here is my prayer to you, the single woman still wounded by love:

I pray that you understand that past failed relationships (whether long-term or even just casual sexual relationships) do not make you unlovable. Whether you have had one failed relationship or a thousand, that does not diminish the love God has for you. God loves you so much He took the time to fashion you together in your mother’s womb – uniquely designing every bit of you.

He calls you His daughter, and like any good Father, He wants what is best for you. The fact that a man or many men no longer love you does not make you unlovable. God loves you – everything about you. Even at your worst, you are loved by Him. And I pray you do not forget it.

I pray that you do the hard work of letting go and learning from those past failed relationships. Failed relationships cut deep. It’s okay to have a scar, but it’s not okay to keep picking at the wound and never letting it heal. It’s not wrong to have had failed relationships. We all have them, but you can’t keep re-hashing them. Stop accepting his calls, looking at his social media pages, and wondering about him. Do whatever it takes to accept the failed relationships. At some point, I pray you let it go, and accept that it was not God’s plan for you.

And I pray you let it go and do the even harder thing – learn from it. Learn to choose differently, learn when to leave, learn to ask God first before you enter into another relationship, even learn where you were wrong. Because we all make mistakes. And it’s easy to only look at what was done to us and never look at what we may have done. I pray that you let it go, learn from it, so eventually, you can move on.

Lastly, I pray you begin to live this single life to the fullest. Not letting the wounds of the past push you into empty relationships looking for satisfaction from men that only Christ can give. And that you use this new found satisfaction in Christ to do the things He has called you to do. Let your singleness not be filled with more wounds, empty relationships, and broken promises – but let it be filled with the satisfaction and love that Christ has to give.

This I pray for you.

In Jesus Name I Pray,


As a single woman, what have you prayed for when you felt wounded by love? Comment below.

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  1. I truly needed this and I loved it. The pray was powerful and very moving. Alisha you’re truly blessing women with your blogs and words of spiritual wisdom. Keep up the good work and letting God use you. I love you girl & this is great!

    1. Good morning, praise God for your prayerful heart. I needed to hear thosr words for this is a wound that is freshly new for me and its been the hardiest. I pray everyday that the Lord would heal me yet reveal to me during my healing what was the lesson and how i can learn to make wiser choices in my new found journey. I know i am at fault for my behavior and i take responsibility. I am redeemed and forgiven by the grace of God. Lord create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me. Look forward to reading more of your daily blog, God bless you

      1. Good morning! I’m glad this prayer touched your heart! I know that with time God will provide the healing that you seeking. Just hold on to Him and continue to pray and learn as you have been doing. Healing will one day come – I’m living evidence of that!

  2. The important thing after a relationship is to recognize that biblical roles in relationships require that men and women stay within the role God called them to even if they do not understand why you should obey. When a man has a girlfriend, fiancé and a live in lover it’s time for the Lord Jesus to get involved because he has to rescue his daughters from a terrible demise that only the Holy Spirit divinely ordains circumstances to reveal truth. Deception hurts. Elohei Chassedi, God of my mercy.

  3. As someone who is still in recovery, I often pray that God will help me understand my patterns that I learn who I am and who I am not. I realize some days I’m a mess but His love for me is still the same on the messy days.

    1. Girl, I think we’ve all been there before – or at least, I know I have – that struggle of understanding why we do what we do and to remember who we are in Christ. But God is loving like you said – still loving us even on our messiest of days! But hold on, Sister, God will help you learn your worth in Him!

  4. Alisha, this was just what I needed. I am sure I will need it again tomorrow but, in this moment – I am overwhelmed with gratitude that the Lord led me to click your post. In christ -Jennifer

  5. Amen….I have just found your blogs. Wow….what a Blesing to my soul. Many times as singles we can get in our feelings and think no one understands. Desiring with a WHOLE heart to live for Christ seems to be so foreign. I pray for Holy Spirit’s chosen Man for me. I have been divorced for seven years (not by choice) with no dating. I absolutely refuse to settle for anyone in the mean time except HIS best!! I am 40 years old with 3 kids to live an example of Holiness for. So I cannot compromise. It has really been a blessing to see you teaching what the “TRUE” gospel says about this matter. I have had a lot of healing to do. The hurt, anger, and betrayal was tough to handle in the beginning. My testimony has only made me stronger. My husband came home in 2011 and was like I just do not want to be married anymore. My kids were 7,6, and 2. Plus, I was a stay at home mom. Seven years later how I have found Holy Spirit to be truly Amazing to us. Now my kids are 14,13,and 9. I know God has a chosen Man for us and I choose to wait for God to allow him to find us. As you stated in your blog “Dear Future Husband” ministry is happening for us both as we speak. We have continued to live as a family and thriving with our lives. I wish I had more room to share more about how God has blessed. I just praise God for your ministry to enccourage those who are in a reason of waiting for our Chosen one. God Bless!!!

    1. Wow! So glad you found my blog and were encouraged by it. ❤

      You definitely have a testimony to tell about God’s grace after a broken relationship – don’t ever be afraid to share it with others! Although, having come out of a divorce, you have learned to forgive and that’s a beautiful thing! And I’m glad you are waiting with no compromise.

      God bless you!

  6. I’m Muslim, but the only thing different about what I would have written, is the name used for God. I can relate to every single word here. It is beautiful that you have a prayer section. I love that! This was a great read and truthful post. Something we all needed to read.

    1. I’m glad these words related with you, Bibi! <3

      No matter the religion, ethnicity, background, or whatever other differences women may have - most women, unfortunately, know the pain of being wounded by love. So I'm glad this prayer can reach the hearts of women who are still feeling wounded by it. And hopefully, they will begin to move forward.

      Thank you for stopping by and reading this post, Bibi. So glad to have connected with you on IG! Keep up the good work with your fashion blog!

  7. Thank you for the words of encouragement on my blog. You are so right. Our differences do not change that we experience the wounds of love the same.

    It is great to have connected. I’m going to hit you up for a shoot one of these days. I see, like myself, you’re a woman of many hats. Much success to you!

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