5 Benefits of Living with Roommates as a Single, Christian Woman

As a Single, Christian Woman, Should I Live by Myself or With Roommates?

As a single, 27-year-old woman, I feel like I’ve lived in many different spaces.

My parents’ home.

College dorm rooms.

An apartment with a roommate.

My own apartment.

And now to a house with 3 other busy, working women.

My living situations are often determined by my finances and the availability of roommates. So I get that when it is time to make a decision about living on your own or with roommates – it can be a tough one!

How I Came to Live in a House with 3 Other Women

A few months ago, I was living in my own apartment when those dreaded lease renewal papers were placed on my door. And with those papers came an increase in rent – a big increase in rent! Immediately, I just placed the papers down and said, “Lord, I can’t do this. This rent is way too high. I need you to do something.”

And about a week later, He did do something! I was shooting a friends’ photos (check out my photography Instagram page) and after the photoshoot, I was hanging out with my friend and her roommates at their house. They mentioned they were looking for a 4th roommate (yes, you read that right, a 4th roommate!). And I told them I had just gotten my lease renewal papers and couldn’t pay that amount of rent anymore.

Fast forward to today and I’ve been living in the house with those 3 lovely women for about a week now and loving every minute of it!

5 Benefits of Living with Roommates

So what if you’re a single, Christian woman and debating whether you should live with roommates or alone? I’ve done both and will tell you that they both have their pros and cons, so be prayerful and consider these 5 benefits to living with roommates:

Being Held Accountable

Without even uttering a word, your roommates will hold you accountable, if you let them.

In the past week, I’ve reconsidered my poor eating habits and if I’m spending enough time with the Lord. Not because my roommates have pointed out how I’m eating Lucky Charms cereal or even asking what God has been teaching me lately. But because I’ve watched my roommates choose green beans over junk food and wake up at 5am to hide away in their rooms to be with the Lord.

Oh, and let’s not forget that the battle for sexual purity is so real! With roommates around, it’s very unlikely that a single woman will fall into that sexual temptation.

So without even uttering a word, my roommates are currently challenging me to eat better, get into my Word, and keeping me from falling into sexual sin. (Learn why we avoid accountability here).

Being Able to Save Money and Pay Down Debt

In my experience, splitting the bills has always been cheaper than paying them all on your own.

The Lord has recently been challenging me to take bigger steps in getting out of debt. The Bible says, “… the borrower is slave to the lender” (Proverbs 22:7 NIV). Therefore, I’m taking getting out of debt more seriously and having roommates has been beneficial in doing that.

By moving with them, I’ve been able to save nearly $700 in rent alone. (The rent here is $280 – you can’t beat that anywhere!). With the $700 in savings, my goal is to pay down debt and begin saving for a home of my own.

Learning to Serve

To serve is essential to the Christian faith and the author of our faith – Jesus Christ – was the greatest servant of all.

I’ve been asking myself this question lately: am I a good servant? And I’ve been searching for ways to serve my roommates. Serving in a home with 3 busy, working women has meant cooking a meal for a roommate who is working late, washing the dishes even if I did not dirty them, and cleaning even when it’s not my scheduled turn. (It’s the little things that will matter most to your roommates).

Serving means making our home as comfortable as possible for my roommates and myself.

Learning to Communicate

Living with roommates means the opportunity to communicate. It feels good to come home and be able to talk with someone about your day. To be able to share in each others’ lives.

In the past week, we’ve had many conversations about what the Lord is teaching us and have been able to encourage each other in our different endeavors. I can’t tell you how many times this week my roommate has asked me if I was writing – thus holding me accountable for growing as a blogger.

“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another” (Proverbs 27:17 NIV). The Lord will definitely use your roommates to sharpen you, grow you, and provide different perspectives to situations that maybe you haven’t thought about.

And, of course, not all communication will be about how your day went or what the Lord is teaching you. Conflict will eventually arise. When you have women with different personalities, experiences, and upbringings, it’s bound to happen. But when conflict does arise, it’s an opportunity to handle it with grace, truth, and love.

Learning Time Management

With more people, comes more interruptions – good interruptions, but interruptions nonetheless.

So I’ve been learning to manage my time – to really think and schedule what is important to me. In the past week, I’ve learned my roommates’ schedules. As a teacher, my workday ends at 3PM and I tend to be the first one home. So I use that time to spend with the Lord, work on this blog, write, read, and relax. That way I am available to talk with them when they get home and I’m not shut away in my room.

Living with roommates and living alone both have their benefits. If you’re currently deciding, prayerfully consider the benefits to both. (Check out the 5 Benefits of Living Alone as a Single, Christian Woman).

Ladies, what do you think are the benefits to having roommates? Share your stories below.

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