10 Things I Learned in 27 Years

Last week (March 8th to be exact) I turned 27! Since then, I’ve had time to reflect on my life and all that the Lord has done for me over these years. So I compiled a list (in no particular order) of the top 10 things I’ve learned over my 27 years:
  1. The best thing I could (or you could ever do) is to truly follow Christ – not halfway, not kind of sort of follow Him – but really follow Him. Doing our best to live a life worthy of the Gospel.
  2. Learn to forgive. Forgive those who have hurt you (whether intentionally or unintentionally). Forgive yourself for the choices you may have made that hurt someone else or even yourself. Remembering that Christ forgave us for all of our sins.
  3. Love your family. It’s the family God gave you.  I’m fortunate to have come from a great family, so it’s not that hard to love them. But I understand that many people have family dynamics filled with hurtful pasts and love is not so easy. In that case, seek the Lord for guidance in dealing and loving your family.
  4. Travel often. Travel with family, travel with friends, travel alone. Save up and go! It helps us get away from the every day stresses of life. Gives us a chance to breathe and see life through a new lens. Traveling alone, especially, provides the opportunity to really indulge in the Lord. I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed all of my travels – cruises to Mexico, touring all over Europe, road tripping to California, attending the Legacy conference in Chicago, and backpacking in Arkansas! Every trip brought new and exciting experiences!
  5. Love what you do. And if you don’t love what you do, don’t be afraid to change it! I say this as someone who left a lucrative career in accounting (which I strongly disliked) to become a teacher and now blogger (read more about how God changed my career here). No need to wake up everyday to a job you don’t love!
  6. Apologize. If you’re wrong, apologize. As an adult, you should know how to say those magic words, “I’m sorry!” No one is perfect and we all make mistakes, but you have to own up to those mistakes. Whether that person wants to accept your apology is up to them.
  7. Your friends are like the family you choose. Unlike your family, you choose the friends you hang around – whether they are a good or bad influence. Our friends can be our greatest accountability partners and allies in this Christian walk if we choose wisely. Or they can be the crowd who keeps us falling back into sin!
  8. Sin! Don’t hide your sins! The longer we go without confessing our sins and turning away from it, the bigger it grows and the harder it is to confess and turn away from it. But God, is faithful to help us, if we just be willing to get help.
  9. Learn to laugh about it. Life will have its embarrassing moments, its headaches, its moments to freak out. But troubles don’t last and everything eventually works out. And sometimes, you realize those things you stressed about weren’t really anything to stress about at all. Learn to laugh about it. God has everything in His control!
  10. Lastly, the single most important relationship we will ever have is the one we have with Christ. Attending church, being a part of ministries, fellowshipping – all those things are great – but they pale in comparison to our own personal relationship with Christ. And just like any relationship, we have to spend time together to grow! Read the Word, pray, talk with the Lord. That’s the only way we’ll ever really know Him.

What life lessons have you learned? Comment below!

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  1. Alisha – I wish I had learned at 27 years of age what you have learned, and shared. I could not have made a better list myself. Most importantly, never waste a day. Never look back and say, “I wish I’d had…” I have those moments certainly when it comes to my family!


    1. Robin, it’s never too late to start learning and making a better list! 🙂

      Love what you added to the list!!! Never look back and say “I wish I had”. It’s so important to take risks and make the most of each day – to never have to look back and wonder “what if?”

  2. Love what you said about truly following Christ and confessing sin! Being open to confession to the Lord and the body is another way we preach the gospel. Great blog!

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybeQhRMjHBY

    Thank you for writing. The beauty of courage is it shines through the one whose heart bears no grudges or ill will. Sometimes God lets you see your heart through writing and the pain inside can come out like tomatoes on a wall. Yet we see that the beauty of a woman is a pure and undefiled heart. God bless. This video is something to share as we appreciate people who are studying and trying to better their lives in a honest way for the purpose of serving their community with dignity. I hope the young people in this video inspire you too. You certainly lift my heart. Thank you Ms. Blue.

  4. Happy BIG 27. Thank God you are here in this season for the purpose of being extraordinary. Young, beautiful and wise. A great woman in the humble stages of crafting and participating in a unique spiritual journey with Jesus, our King and Messiah. You are special and precious to those who know you. All 10 points are totally golden nuggets 🙂

  5. God is involved in your excelling and propelling to greater wisdom and discernment and understanding. He is intentional even where he sends you to get help. That’s what this sermon teaches me about careful consideration about who to cry for help.
    Jesus is Lord of Heaven’s Army. He is Joshua. He is in the general things of life and He is undefeated in battle. He can calm the storm while you are in it or divert the storm. Remember Peter walking on water? Jesus told them he would meet them but he didn’t tell them they were in a storm. 🙂 Can you believe he steered them in a storm? I believe Peter knew the test was his but he was not happy to test the physics of walking on water. Trust Him to give you his power for anything that seems impossible. When you are teaching and giving to others you’re doing what he is pleased for you to do. He gives more and more and more and listens for your request like Joann Rosario sings “I need more, more, more. Jesus more of you. I need so much more. Jesus more, more, more. ” Ministry leaders are diamonds because everyone sees themselves in you. The refraction is beautiful when you see a strong, bold woman undefeated in the general day to day areas of life. You have been a blessing to me and my sister. We love you.

  6. Happy belated birthday, Alisha!
    I loved your tips and tried hard to find a favourite but they were all so good. I’ll say though that I have many years on you (shhh…) and #9 gives me the most struggles and #10 is something I’ll always need to pursue. But kudos to you for getting these on straight.
    Blessings for the next 27! 🙂

    1. Aww, thanks so much for the birthday wishes and reading this post!
      And might I add that you don’t look a day over 27 😄 God’s favor keeps us looking youthful!

  7. I enjoyed reading this! Happy belated birthday btw, hope you had fun. I’m 23 now and i feel God has taught me that it’s important to:-
    – Be gracious towards others
    – Depend on Him not others
    – Show stewardship/wisdom in my finances
    – Find a job I love…not something that is lucrative/prestigious.
    – Learn to value moments when you’re alone. Enjoying your own company. 🙂

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